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Our 2nd Anniversary @ Copper Conferencing

Man...time flies.  Happy Birthday Copper Conferencing!

As I start to write this post, we are eclipsing the second anniversary at Copper Conferencing.  The holding company was founded in April of 2006 with nothing more than a loose business plan amongst industry veterans to raise private money. We acquired our first company in July, 2006 with the help of our first loyal investor.  (Events, June 2006) marking the official start of Copper Conferencing from my perspective.

Since June 2006, we have grown over 630% with another larger acquisition and awesome organic sales growth (80+%) in channel sales our first sales organization that we developed.


We started on day 1 with 2 employees, my wife Amy and me, working from Amy's dining room table...our first office (thanks Amy!).  Our 3rd employee Kelli came the very next day, in Atlanta...and we were off.  For 6 months, a total of up to 5 employees worked at the company, which was headquartered in the dining room of my home until January 2007 when we moved in to our first office in Broomfield, CO...a huge milestone.

After raising some professional money and surviving a year of semi-organized growth, we acquired another conferencing company in January, 2008...our biggest achievement to date, moving into our second more accomodating office in our building at around that same time.

There were a few classic challenges in integration since merging.  (Another post for sure)  We now have a very strong company with 25 great employees in 3 US offices: Denver, Atlanta and San Diego.

We are now at a very fun time in the business, where we get to 'turn the dials'...making improvements that matter most, like cutting unnecessary costs, ramping organic sales, innovating in our relationships with customers, adding more value, etc.

Thanks to all who helped us in the first two years.  Here's to even more excitement in the next two! 



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